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Why we love our pet pillows

Why we love our pet pillows

pet pillow

For pet owners, sometimes we feel like bringing our pets everywhere with us. But we know realistically it can't be done, even though we really want to bring our pet pooch with us on our travels. So, a pet pillow is a great substitute for real furry Rover! 

How we make our pet pillows

Based on your photo, we will remove the background and print the photo on the softest minky fabric we can find. Then we sew and stuff it with high quality cotton wool to ensure the pillows can regain its shape after being hugged. These top quality materials ensure that the pet pillows will last through many washes and cuddles. 

What animals can we make into our pillows?

As long as you have a photo of it, we can make them! We've made dog pillows, cat pillows, hamster pillows. Challenge us with your pet and let us amaze you with our creations!



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