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10 of the best baby shower gifts you can get in Singapore

When it comes to getting a perfect baby shower gift for your best friend or colleague or relative, it can be mind blogging and confusing. However, do not fret! We have a list of the best baby shower gifts you can get, and you can surely find something you love from this extensive newborn gift list!

1. Diaper cakes

diaper cake singapore

Our diaper cakes combine cuteness with functionality. Each diaper cake is made from a personalised romper, a small blanket and diapers, so every component that makes up the diaper cake can be used. And you know what? All our  personalised rompers can be made into diaper cakes! So effectively, there are as many designs of diaper cakes available as our rompers. haha.

2. Baby Romper

baby romper

We source for the most comfortable rompers to print on, so that your gift not only looks good, but feels good too! Printed with the softest vinyl, you can be sure that this is one romper that your recipient can't bear to throw out after baby outgrows it!

3. Baby Gift Boxes

baby gift

With so many varieties of personalised baby gift boxes on our website, you can select one that fits your budget and taste! Beautifully curated, each baby gift box contains practical items such as rompers, baby shoes, bedding sets and more. You are bound to find a baby gift that you like!

4. Baby Hampers

baby gift hamper

With our wide selection of baby gift hampers, you can be sure that the sheer size of this hamper will impress your recipient. Every item is personalised with love, and items range from rompers to bears to shoes to bedding sets. It is bound to make the fussiest friend happy upon receiving the baby hamper

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