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Name Sticker Labels - what to look out for

Name Sticker Labels - what to look out for

My kids lose things faster than I can get them replaced, and the last I heard, many parents are facing this 'my kid is losing stuff' syndrome too. Lol. It's frustrating when the newly bought stationery goes missing. Most young kids are yet to learn the skill of putting away their stuff in the correct place.

That's when name stickers are put into use. I make sure every single item my son brings to school is properly labeled with his name sticker (I kid you not). From his waterbottle to his pencil, from his uniforms to his shoes, every piece has his name on it.

What properties should a good name sticker contain?

1. It must look appealing to your child.

A child will be most willing to label all his/ her stuff with the name stickers if it looks nice. Therefore we came up with more than a 100 designs and colour combination for our name stickers, to ensure that your child definitely will find a character and colour he/ she likes for the stickers!

2. It must come in more than a single size.

Because a pencil and a folder require different sizes of name stickers to be pasted on them. If you get too many pieces of stickers of the same size, some of them may not be usable on bigger or smaller items. Therefore we have sticker bundles which contain several sizes in a single pack. 

3. Your name labels should be waterproof!

The stickers should be able to withstand rounds of washing, especially if they are pasted on waterbottles or milk bottles. All of our labels are waterproof, weatherproof and sterilizer safe!

4. Your name stickers should arrive fast!

Most of us parents are so busy, we don't really have time to plan early for many things. To buffer a month in advance for the name stickers to arrive from overseas, erm..... no thanks. Our name stickers are printed in Singapore, and we make sure we mail them out as fast as we can!

5. Your name stickers should be repositionable.

We all hate sticker residue when we remove them, because they are a sticky mess! Not with our name stickers! They are repositionable, and leave no residue behind!

6. Finally, they should stick well on clothing.

With our iron on clothing labels, you can be sure your labels last through as many washes as your uniforms! 

Do keep all these considerations in mind when you purchase your next set of name stickers!


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