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Rompers & Kid Tees


What is the quality of our t-shirts?

We use high quality premium cotton tees and rompers, cos we know that no matter how good the design is, you won't wear them if they feel uncomfortable on your skin.

What is the material of the printing?

We use OEKO-TEX® certified vinyl for our print, so that you can be assured that you are purchasing a piece of clothing printed with safe and sustainable material.

What are the kid tee and romper sizes available?

We have rompers for newborn babies to 24 months babies. For kid tees, our size starts from 80 (usually for 1 year old), all the way to size 150.  You can view the size charts here.

Do you do twinning outfits?

Yup! You can twin with your sons and daughters in our clothing! You can order an adult size tee for all our kid designs. Option is available within the listings. 

Can I do a matching tee for my furkid too?

We're so glad you asked. We have a pet dog Yoshi the Maltese and we have pet tees too! And you also can add a matching dog tee within each family tee listing. 

What happens after I place my order?

You will receive artwork via email to check and confirm within 2 working days, and we will proceed to print and mail out within the week.

Who designs my customized baby clothes and tees?

We have an inhouse design team to work on the designs, so if you have a special design in mind, chat with us and we will bring it to life!

I have my own design. Can I make a custom baby romper? Can you print it for me?

Yes you can design your own clothing

Do you have cny family tees?

Yes! You can view our CNY family tees here.

Can I get your romper as a gift?

Yes. There is a gift box option in every clothing listing. Personalized rompers are a very practical and pretty gift for a baby shower. 

Have more questions?

Simply click on the chat button to connect with us.