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Personalized Beansprout Pillows

Why does my baby need a beansprout pillow?

Asian mummies have used beansprout pillows for centuries to soothe their little ones to sleep. The rustling sound made by the movement of the husks, combined with the slight weight that feels like a mum's embrace, bring comfort and security to the newborn.

What goes into our beansprout pillows?

Our beansprout husks are treated with anti bacteria treatment, handpicked and manually sorted, to ensure that only the best husks go into our pillows.

What is the material for the personalized beansprout pillow case?

We use a premium 100% cotton fabric, printed with eco friendly waterbased ink, to ensure that the print on each piece of fabric is vibrant and longlasting.

Can I wash the beansprout pillow?

You can wash the customized beansprout pillow case. The beansprout pillow insert should only be sunned. 

I love your beansprout pillows! Can I get them in matching designs for the personalized baby pillows and bolsters?

Yes you can! You can find the matching personalized baby and pillow bolsters here. 

Is there a giftbox option?

Yes definitely, as our beansprout pillows are a perfect gift to bring to a baby shower! You can choose the giftbox option within the listing.

What happens after I place my order?

You will receive artwork via email to check and confirm within 2 working days, and we will proceed to print and mail out within 3 weeks.

3 weeks to mail out is a very long time. Why?

Our fabric is printed by a highly specialized printing company in the USA, as they provide the best materials after comparison with other suppliers (both in Singapore and other parts of the world), thus we sacrifice a shorter lead time in order to get the highest quality fabric.

Where is my beansprout pillow sewn?

Your personalized bean sprout pillow, or bean pillow, is handsewn by the talented artisans in our Singapore studio.

Have more questions?

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