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Personalized Baby Kid Bedding Set Singapore with Name | Personalized Baby Gift Set |Baby Gift Box and hamper

Personalized Baby and Kids Bedding Set

Why does my baby need a personalised baby pillow set? (which includes a customised pillow and bolster) 

If you ask us, it's because your baby deserves a pretty nursery! However, seriously, as we have more than 100 designs for our baby bedding sets, they will match any nursery theme!

What is inside our baby bedding set?

We have 7 different sets to choose from, within each design. The basic one is for a baby pillow and a baby bolster, and there are options to add on beansprout pillows and personalised baby blankets in matching design. 

I love your personalised bedding sets! Do you make them into baby gift sets?

Yes we do! We love these line of baby beddings and we have included them in our baby gifts. Our baby customised gifts are perfect for showing the recipient how much you love them and their baby.

What is the age range for the recipients of the baby gift?

Our gifts are good for newborn baby shower, and also work well for 100 days baby gift. A 3 month old baby will still be using pillows and bolsters and blankets, and since our bedding sets are so pretty, parents are bound to keep using them!