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What to gift to a Baby 100 Days Celebration and Baby Shower?

What to gift to a Baby 100 Days Celebration and Baby Shower?

When customers ask us what to buy for a baby's 100 days celebration and baby shower, or whether they need to bring a gift all all, we always have plenty of suggestions! A baby's birth is always a joyous occasion worth celebrating, because every little one is a unique miracle and a gift. Even before the birth of a child, parents are eager to share their happy news with their family and friends. With social media, pregnancy announcements have become way more commonplace. How often do we get to see pictures of ultrasound scans or pregnancy photos on our social media feed? We know and hear of the news of these precious lives’ way before their birth! They are celebrated from the time of conception and even more so at their birth. Amidst the declining birth rate in Singapore, we truly rejoice at the birth of every single baby. 

Increasingly, Singaporean parents are organising gender reveal parties or baby showers to celebrate the impending birth of their little one. The surprise gender-reveal events range from coloured balloons, gender typical coloured rompers, cake cutting ceremonies and the innovations are limitless. Some parents let the elder siblings wear a "I'm going to be a big brother/ sister tee". It subtly reveals the upcoming arrival of the new family member. 


i'm going to be a big brother sister tee 

You may even have received invitations to such parties where you expectantly wait with the parents to find out if the venue will be decorated in pink or blue. Will it be a girl or a boy?

Celebrations continue after the birth of a child. Full moon, or manyue,  celebrations mark a milestone in a baby's life. Reaching 30 days in good health was a milestone worth celebrating when infant mortality rates were high in the past. This is a baby's first introduction into community, where family and friends can celebrate with the baby's parents. Celebrate baby’s naming ceremony at your full month anniversary with a personalized romper for the perfect instagrammable moment! 

Today, many Singaporean families may opt for a 100-day celebration instead. Traditionally, this is a Korean and Japanese celebration, known as Baek-il and Okuizome respectively, where they celebrate a baby's birth after 100 days. 100-day celebrations give families a longer runway to prepare for and enjoy the celebrations fully. Importantly, it also allows mothers more time to rest and recuperate from childbirth and for parents to get used to the demands of caring for their newest addition to the family. How long does it take for a mother to recover from child birth? Research shows that mothers need at least 6 weeks for postpartum recovery.

If you are invited to a full month celebration or 100 day celebration, bringing customised baby gifts or a  newborn baby gift to the baby shower is always welcomed. We have a good selection of 100 days baby gift and baby gift sets, ideal for bringing to baby showers. Our baby gifts contain practical items like personalised baby rompers, baby shoes, baby bibs, beansprout pillows and diaper cakes, and you can be sure that your baby gift will surely be a cut above the rest. If you are looking for Christian baby gifts, we have a good selection of these (or we can build a gift set for you) as we are the leading Christian gift shop in Singapore!    

diaper cake singapore

Gift-giving has always been a part of society as a means to express love and affection for each other. As relational and social beings, our gifts are a form of marking milestones, celebrating achievements, showing gratitude and blessing someone. And yet, gift giving is often not the easiest thing to do. 

We often rack our brains trying to figure out what would be the best baby gift for the occasion. Perhaps the hardest thing with gift giving is finding something that is meaningful for the recipient. The best gifts are those that the recipient both desires and values. 

How then do we choose unique and meaningful baby gifts for these special occasions?  

1. Know the baby's gender

This will help with the choosing of items or colours in your gift. In the event that the gender is unknown, or if the family has certain preferences of colour, neutral colours will always work best in these situations. 

 baby gifts singapore

2. Choose essential items

Parents with newborns are often overwhelmed with the demands of caring for a baby. What they do not need are things that will simply add clutter in their home. Instead, essentials and practical items like clothing, mittens and booties, bedding and diapers will be much appreciated by parents - things that baby will need and use throughout the first year of life. Our baby gifts are of a high quality that is soft, breathable, and gentle on baby's skin. 

baby bedding set


3. Personalise and customise

To make the gift extra special, you can consider personalising the items by printing the baby's name or a personal message on the clothing or bedding. This one-of-a-kind personalised baby gift will be unique to the child and will last as a momento even after the child has outgrown the clothes. No one else will have this same gift!

Your gift doesn't have to be a standard gift box. Consider curating your own baby hamper for the occasion. Customise your baby gift to include things that the family really needs or likes. Include more diapers or add in that keepsake bear; choose their favourite colours or give them a personalised blanket. At , you can build your own baby hampers entirely customisable according to needs and budget. 

4. Consider something for the parents

We often focus only on the baby when it comes to gifting at baby celebrations. Considering all that mums have gone through in the tiring first few months of their baby's lives, surely they deserve a gift too. With this in mind, we have gift boxes for both mums and bubs - to let mums know you're thinking of them! 

5. Include a card

A gift hamper is always made more meaningful with a personal message from sender to recipient. Congratulate the happy parents or send some words of encouragement. The recipient will appreciate the thought. We make it easy for you by including an optional card for your messages.

baby gift box

5. Baby gifts delivery

Sometimes we can't be physically present at the baby shower, but it's always nice to send a gift over to show that we care and love the new baby. All the baby gifts from our website can be delivered to your recipient, be it a diaper cake, baby hamper or a baby gift set. All you need to do is to select your gift online and leave us to do the rest! 

Label of Love Studio is your one-stop shop for all your personalised baby gift boxes, diaper cakes and baby hampers. We give gifts that are practical yet personal. Our gifts will stand out at every baby celebration. Chat with us on our website to find out more or if you need help choosing a gift. 

Label of Love Studio gives gifts that are worth giving because lives are worth celebrating!

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