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personalised teachers' Day gifts singapore - small bear with notebook and pencil case

Teachers' Day Gifting

Singapore Teachers' Day falls on the 1st Friday every September. This year, it falls on September 2, based on MOE's school term calendar. It is a school holiday, giving the hardworking teachers a well deserved break. Having known many teachers myself, I know how much they sacrifice for their students in terms of personal time, money and emotions. They truly deserve a big salute! 

Students sometimes give their teachers a small gift on Teachers' Day to show their appreciation for them. It can be as inexpensive as a handdrawn card with a personalised message. Teachers love these as they are really meaningful and speak volumes of how much their students love them.

However, if you are ever running short of time for Teachers' Day gifts, we have some really pretty and meaningful presents in our store. Personalised Teachers' Day gifts speak volume of how much you like your teachers. We have personalised tote bags which are useful for teachers to carry their stuff around. Or how about some dried flowers for Teachers' Day? We have dried baby's breath which are so pretty and last for a loooooong time. 

dried baby's breath

To add the finishing touch to the Teachers' Day gifts that your child has prepared, do add on a gift tag so that the teacher will know who the gift is from, since they will receive many gifts on Teachers' Day, and they may not remember which student has given which gift, unless they are reminded by the gift tags. Our Teachers' Day gift labels come in stickers and tag form, and in a variety of designs with your child's name. You can stick or tie them on the gifts, and your teachers will surely know who the gift is from at the end of the day.  

Most importantly, do start planning your customised Teachers Day gift early to avoid last minute scrambling! 

Talking about gifts, Christmas is coming up very soon after Teachers' Day! Do check out our personalised Christmas gifts!

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