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birthday stickers and birthday cake toppers

Celebrating Kid Birthdays in School with a Goody Bag!

All kids love parties, and even more so, be the star of their parties. Not all parents have the time and energy to hold a big party for the birthday child though, but most of them will be happy to organise a mini birthday celebration in school. Being able to celebrate their birthdays with their friends make cherished memories! 

Birthday Cake

Popular with preschool and kindergarten children, the birthday child will go to school with a birthday cake and goodie bags. As the classmates are young, cupcakes are usually the choice of cake as the hassle of cake cutting and distribution will be minimized. Our cardboard birthday labels come in colourful designs and we always include the birthday child's name (and age). They can be diy into birthday cake toppers! Stick them to a toothpick and insert the cute cupcake toppers into the cupcake! Personalised, simple and cute looking cupcake toppers, quite easily done!

Goody Bags

What better way to delight the kids than giving out a goody bag? In that way, each child can bring home yummy treats and share with their siblings and parents. The birthday experience doesn't need to end when the party ends! Our birthday stickers are perfect for pasting or tying, making it the perfect finishing for the goody bags. 

birthday stickers

Goody Bag Contents

The best part about goody bags is that you can customise the items inside the bag based on your budget. Our favourite picks are organic lollipops from Do Me A Favor. They not only look pretty, but also fun to eat! 

organic lollipops

A personalised notebook for children is also a pretty and practical goody bag item. Our notebooks are lightweight and can fit into the goody bag easily. 

 personalised notebooks

Name stickers are a fun addition to goody bags as well. All kids love stickers, and more so if it has their names on it. In addition, they are useful for labelling their items, perfect for the new term or new school stickers singapore

Fun foods like cheezels and twisties never fail to please as well. What are parties without some junk food? :P 


Have fun in organising your next classroom party! 

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