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diaper cake singapore with a personalised romper and a matching blanket.

What is a diaper cake and why is it a perfect gift for baby showers?

A diaper cake is a baby gift that is made with diapers and shaped to look like a cake. All newborn babies need diapers, so it's a very practical gift for a new baby. However, as diapers aren't the prettiest thing around, so people dress them up in fancy ways, so that they look great as a gift.

Most diaper cakes in the Singapore market are made up of rolled up diapers, baby rompers and soft toys. At Label of Love Studio, we make our diaper cakes with a twist, to ensure that all items in the cake are useful to the baby, on top of being beautiful, cos as parents ourselves, we know practicality is essential when it comes to baby gifts. Seriously, who needs another stuff toy? We can't place them in the cot cos they can be a choking hazard to the baby!

Our personalised diaper cakes are made with a romper, a security blanket and diapers. The gifter gets to choose a design and size of the romper. Our size recommendation is usually 0 to 3 months, or 3 to 6 months for the new baby. We provide the option of either a blanket in a gender appropriate design, or a blanket in a matching design with the romper. Recipients love how a common design theme runs across the entire cake as the name of the baby is printed on both the romper and the blanket. 

Regarding our security blanket wrapped around the cake, it is a small baby blanket in the size of approximately 43x43cm. This blanket is good for the baby to hold on to (think Linus of the Peanut gang!), providing him/ her with a sense of security with its familiar touch and smell. It's a good size blanket for bringing along in the stroller.  

Finally we pack the diaper cake in either a classic brown cake box or a hamper. We take pride in gifting diaper cakes that wow recipients right from the point of receipt to the point of unwrap, and till baby wears the romper and gets tucked into the blanket. Many times, when we delivered the diaper cakes, the recipient squealed in delight at how beautiful the gift looked, and would call out to their family members to come over and take a look. We kid you not!

It will be suffice to say, we make one of the best diaper cakes in Singapore!  

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