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Personalised Christmas Gifts - Why you want to get these instead?

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Why you want to get these instead?

Personalised Christmas gifts, are they worth the money and the effort?

Personally I would say, yes. A personalised gift takes a whole lot more planning than a ready made gift. Just this gesture itself tells the recipient so much about your sincerity and love. And a recipient will use and keep these personalised gifts more, simply because it has their names on it! The last thing we want is to have our gifts thrown or regifted to other people. In the United States in 2021, 10.6% of holiday gifts get returned to stores. Every 2 in 3 people have returned one gift in the holiday season. We really wouldn't want that gift to be the one we gifted, right?

personalised Christmas gift singapore

This beautiful printed Christmas deco in embroidery hoop comes in 3 sizes, 9cm, 12cm and 15cm. The smallest size is great for hanging onto Christmas trees, whereas the bigger sizes works well as wall decoration. It is thin and compact, and most people will love to hang these to beautify their walls. You will definitely NOT see this being stashed away but proudly displayed in the house! 


christmas stickers

We all have received beautifully wrapped gifts with no card or gift tags, and we ended up wondering who gave them to us. :( Now we can avoid this problem totally, with these beautiful Christmas stickers! Available in tons of designs, you can personalised them with your name. You betcha your recipient knows who the gift is from.


christmas gift ideas for babies

We have put up a good selection of Christmas gifts for babies as well. Every gift box is packed with essentials that the baby (and parents) would love! Don't fret over what to gift for babies. Trust us, cos we are the experts in baby gifting

personalised christmas gifts

Oh, this year we have such a wild idea for our Christmas clothing. The entire jungle troop has arrived! Do check them out for some very different Christmas outfits this year!

personalised Christmas gift singapore

Ever visuallize your drawing to be printed on a notebook? Now you can turn that into reality! Your recipient will love the notebook too much to write on them! And they will definitely carry them everywhere, cos they are such a statement. 

christmas gifts singapore

How about a custom watercolour portrait for your favourite family? Just send us a family photo and we will do the rest. This is a perfect personalised Christmas gift that everyone will like to receive, because it is so thoughtful and beautiful.


Christmas is such a wonderful season to let your loved ones know how much you love and care about them. Gifting shouldn't be stressful if you start planning early. Our Christmas gifts are personalised and always beautiful for gifting. 



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