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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is definitely my favourite season of the year! The weather is cool (usually), the atmosphere along Orchard Road and the malls are great, and there are just so much anticipation and joy around! 

I usually start gift planning around September. Call me kiasu, but I like to take my time to shop around (mostly online these days), match the gifts with my recipients' interests, before I make the purchase. Sometimes I ship from overseas which take time, so I like to start early before the year end frenzy sets in and logistics worldwide gets too stretched and overworked.

Besides shopping for my friends, September is also the time when we design and produce new products for our Christmas collection in our store, so yah, the craziness starts early! This year, our Christmas gift selection is spectecular, if I can say so myself! Lol. 

This year, we launched our custom Christmas portrait for clothing. Our talented artist will draw a super cute drawing based on your photo, and you can choose whether you want to wear an elf hat or a reindeer's headband. It's so irresistably cute!

personalised Christmas gifts

Not sure what Christmas presents to get for your recipient? No worries! We have separated the gifts by the recipients' age group! Choose from gifts for babies, toddlers, older kids, teenagers and adults, and even for pet dogs and cats! How's that for a thorough gift searching experience? 

Thoughtful presents ain't complete without a beautiful gift tag. We have custom gift tags that come in sticker and cardboard form, perfect as the finishing touch to your lovely Christmas presents!Christmas stickers

Running out of Christmas gift ideas? How about a Christmas tree decoration? We love our customised Christmas tree ornaments. It's a great gift to remember a baby's first Christmas! We have designs for the entire family as well. 

christmas tree ornaments

Our theme this year is Wild Xmas, so expect a splendid collection of jungle animals on our Christmas clothing!

christmas clothes for children

Need more Christmas gifts ideas? Head on to our Christmas gifts page and be convinced yourself! 




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