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Baby 100 Days Celebration: what you need to know

Baby 100 Days Celebration: what you need to know

Traditionally, Singaporean families celebrate man3 yue4, or full moon, to mark the first month's milestone of the baby's birth. However in the recent years, there is a trend towards 100 Days celebration, which marks the 100th day of the baby. 

100 Days Celebration has its roots in Korea. It is known as Baek-il, and celebrates the 100th day of birth of the baby. In the olden days when infant mortality was high, making it past the 100th day was a sign that the child would make it to his/ her first birthday. 

However in Singapore, 100 days celebration holds other significance. Compared to the traditional first month party, a 100 day celebration gives the new parents, particularly the mother, more time to rest postpartum. As we know, organising a party can be very draining and takes alot of planning. By scheduling the party 3 months later, there are more time for the mother to rest, and usually the baby will be more alert and responsive when he/ she is 3 months old, compared to the perpetual sleepy state in the first month. 

How to plan for a 100 days celebration?


What's a celebration without a cake? We love these cute 100 days celebration cakes from J Petite Patisserie! They look so pretty and are definitely instaworthy! We want to get one for our own birthday as well! :D


Some parents opt to print custom backdrops for the celebration. However, we prefer to combine practicality with beauty. We find it a waste to discard a backdrop after one use, so we suggest using our milestone blanket as a backdrop! Simply hang it up and you are good to go! The blanket can be reused monthly to take pictures of your sweet baby, recording how much he/ she has grown! 

baby shower backdrop


It's a party about the parents and the new baby, so the last thing we want is the parents fretting over food! Go for a buffet catering, because you can select the menu based on your budget and number of guests. No washing, no setting up, no cleaning required. 


Many of our customers opt to wear matching family clothing for the celebration. This shows unity and consistency to the party theme. For mummies who have yet to slim down to their pre-pregnancy figure, a loose fitting tee works best since that will keep her comfortable and cool and let her breastfeed easily, if she needs to. We also have kid tees for the elder siblings, and rompers for the new baby. With many different designs for our family tees, you can surely find one that matches your party theme!

family t-shirts singapore

When should you start sending out 100 day celebration invites?

Ideally, you should send out the invite one month before the event date, so that your guests have time to plan their schedule (and get your gift)! In this digital age, e-invites work very well, and is better for the environment.

Duration of the party

It is tempting to catch up with friends and relatives during the party. There's nothing stopping you if the mummy feels well and energetic, since it's been 3 months! The baby can be brought out during his/ her awake hours, for the guests to ooh and aah over. 



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