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baby hamper singapore for baby boys and baby girls

Baby Hamper Gifting Singapore

If you are in your 30s to 40s, the chances of having a friend recently giving birth is pretty high. The average age of first time mums in Singapore is 31 years old. It is normal since we become more stable in our career in our 30s compared to our 20s, so we shift our focus to family building. 

There is so much anticipation and joy surrounding each new baby. A thoughtful baby hamper is a fantastic baby shower gift to send your well wishes to the baby and parents. Baby necessities are packed neatly into the gift hamper basket, and with its sheer size and contents, hampers are usually the most outstanding gift among all the other presents received by the parents. Hampers also show how much the recipient is valued by the giver, as most hampers are sent by companies or good friends, so they will generally be displayed in a prominent spot in the table of gifts.

When deciding to give a hamper to the new parent, there are several considerations to make.

Do you want to select individual items and pack into the hamper, or do you want to choose from a hamper with predefined contents? If you choose the former option, you need to know what are the necessary items that baby needs. This may be challenging for some people, so usually they go for the second option, which is to choose a hamper with predefined contents.

Things to consider when selecting the gift hamper

Baby gift hampers usually include baby milk bottles, soft toys, baby clothing, blankets etc. Personally, we think milk bottles and soft toys are a tad excessive, as most parents will have a preferred brand of milk bottles and have prepared them in advance, and babies won't be playing with the soft toys yet, so they will just be kept in storage. We stick to the mantra that we only sell things that we love to receive, so at Label of Love Studio, our baby hampers are packed with pretty and useful items for baby boys and baby girls, all personalised and practical.

1. Baby Pillows

We love how pretty our baby pillows look. Personalised according to the gender and theme of the nursery, they are perfect for the baby cot, and babies do need an additional set of bedding set, so you can be sure that our pillows will be used.

baby pillows

2. Diaper Cakes

All newborn babies need diapers, and they save countless hours for tired parents, as they cut down on the washing of cloth diapers. Our diaper cake come with diapers, a personalised romper and a baby blanket, making it a pretty and practical item to include in the newborn hamper. In addition, because of the size of a diaper cake, it enlarges the overall hamper size, making it an ideal item to be added in the baby hamper.

diaper cake singapore

3. Personalised rompers

ÔĽŅOur¬†custom printed onesies¬†come in so many designs and the fabric is oh so soft! These rompers look super cute in the baby hamper and parents will definitely wear them on the baby for those special photography moments. The custom rompers also come in useful during baby full month celebration or 100 days celebration.¬†Some of our corporate customers include baby rompers with the company logo, to welcome the little fella into the company. It is an extremely sweet gesture.¬†We recommend customers to choose 0 to 3 months rompers if they want the baby to wear them during their first month, or 3 to 6 months rompers for a longer runway, as some babies outgrow the newborn rompers within the first 2 months.¬†

personalised baby romper

4. Beansprout pillows

Beansprout pillows are soothing to the new baby, with the gentle sounds made as the beansprout husks rub against one another. Some people called them baby bean pillow. Our beansprout pillow is about 300g, a good weight for the little baby to imitate a mother's touch. Our personalised beansprout pillow cases can be washed, and its high quality printing means that the vibrant print will last through numerous washes. These pillows are a popular item to include in our baby hampers, as babies can use them right from the start.

beansprout pillow


5. Baby Blankets

Our baby blankets are custom printed, and are usually along the same design theme with the other items in the hamper for a curated look. Blankets are also an essential baby items, and are useful in cots and strollers.

6. Baby mittens and booties

Babies usually need these during the first month, so mittens and booties are good additions to the baby hamper, for we all know that if an item cannot be used right away, they will be stored away and risk being forgotten and thus wasted.

7. Baby Shoes

We love how cute these baby shoes from Freddie the Frog are! These are prewalker shoes, and thus are suitable for babies! Comfortable as well as cute, the new baby can even wear this during the baby shower!

With all these items to include in your baby hamper, you will definitely not run out of newborn baby gift ideas for your next baby shower or 100 days celebration! 

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