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Teachers Day Gift

Teachers Day Gift

Teachers' Day is on 2 September 2022 (Friday), and most schools will celebrate on 1 September. It used to be on September 1, butĀ the Ministry of Education of Singapore changedĀ Teachers' DayĀ to the first Friday of September since 2013, to give teachers a long weekend. This is definitely a welcomed decision by both teachers and students, cos who doĀ notĀ love a long weekend?Ā 

We have all met wonderful teachers before. Maybe it's the teacher who comforted you when you were feeling down over your grades. Maybe it's the teacher who helped you understand the concept of differentiation and integration. Or maybe, it's the teacher who taught you how to appreciate the drawing styles of Picasso. PerhapsĀ as students, weĀ did not give them a gift to tell them how much we enjoyed their lessons. Let us remindĀ ourchildrenĀ to show their appreciation to their teachers before it's too late.Ā 

Teachers Day gifts are always welcomed, cos they speak volumes of the students' appreciation to their teachers. After working hard for the entire three terms, receiving a gift is aĀ warm gesture to usher in the one week long school holidays. Teachers also have time to enjoy the gifts during the school holidays.Ā 

Some customers asked us what are our bestsellers during Teachers' Day. Our bestselling Teachers' Day gifts are our personalised Jam and Honey and Nutella bottles from Do Me A Favor, a local favour company. With the student's name on the sticker label, it's a sweet (literally) and practical gift for your teachers. We have plenty of designs for Teacher's Day, so take your pick from our colourful selection!

personalised teacher gifts

If you like custom drawings, we have something just for you! This year, we launched a custom teacher's portrait mug. Just send us a photo of your teacher and we will do the rest! Your teacher will drink proudly from the new mug and be the envy of other teachers in the staff room! You can even put a custom message for the teacher on the mug, next to the portrait. Needless to say, we totally love this new product of ours!teachers day gifts

Love flowers? How about some dried baby breath for your teacher this year? This cute, palm sized bouquet is colourful and comes with a personalised Teacher's Day gift tag. It's a beautiful gift for a teacher, and we totally love how classic it looks.Ā 

teachers day gifts

Oh, and don't forget to seal up your gifts with a custom Teachers' Day gift label which is available in both sticker and cardboard tags.happy teachers day rainbow

Customized Teachers Day gifts are always meaningful and remind the teachers of the beautiful thoughts of the giver. This Teachers' Day, do consider giving the teachers this extra special gift!Ā 

Christmas follows close on the heels of Teachers' Day! We put up a splendid series of personalised Christmas gifts this year! Start your gift planning early!

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