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Personalized Character Bottled Favours


This cute favour is perfect to gift your favourite teacher or friend!Ā The jam, honey or nutella bottleĀ comes with a personalized sticker labelĀ with your message!

How to order

1. Choose the character that best represent yourself or the recipient (refer to pic 2).

2. Choose a background colour (refer to pic 3).Ā 

3. Choose between stripes or polka dot background.

4. Let us know the message for the recipient.

5. Choose from our jam, honey or nutella bottles.

(A) Bonne Maman Jam orĀ HoneyĀ $4.90
Dimension: 4.7 cmĀ 
Weight: 30g

(B) Bonne Maman Honey $5.40

(C) Mini Nutella $6.90

Dimensions: Length 5cm x Height 4cmĀ 

Weight: 30g

We will email label artwork for you to vet within 2 working days.

Lead time is 1 week between artwork confirmation and mailing.