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Happy Reindeer Christmas Yummy Favors


In collaboration with Do Me A Favor, we are pleased to launch these special gifts in celebration of Christmas!

(1) Potion Bottle 

Candy: Choc-coated sunflower seeds (SFS) or Mini M&Ms
Bottle Dimension: Ht (approx 9 cm), Diameter (approx 3 cm) 
Serving Size: 27g 

(2) Bonne Maman Jam or Honey 
Dimension: 4.7 cm 
Weight: 30g

(3) Mini Nutella

Dimensions: Length 5cm x Height 4cm 

Weight: 30g

Flavor: Hazelnut

MOQ - 20pcs for each giver's name per product type. Eg 20 mini nutella, or 20 potion bottles. Cannot be combined across different products to meet MOQ.

ÔĽŅPlease indicate the "Need by" date, so that we can deliver the items to you before that.