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Be our Referral and Earn Commission!

You love our products and want to tell your friends about them. We feel you! We also love sharing good things with the people we love!

Christmas is coming, and you know your friends will love our gifts! To thank you for your kind, sharing thoughts, we are rolling up our referral scheme, that rewards you when your friends shop with us! 

How it works

Apply to be a referral by emailing us with the title "I want to be a referral for LOLS!" to

Referral Code Scheme

We will issue you a unique referral code if you choose the code scheme, within 2 working days. Tell your friends about us and give them your code. By using your code, your friends get a 10% discount when shopping with us. You will get a 5% commission for every successful sale made by your friends, and we will consolidate and process the commission when it hits a minimum of $20 every 18th of the month. The best part is, it is relatively hassle free. :)

We will provide more tips and details on how to refer your friends to us when we accept your application! Only rolling out 10 slots for referral this round, so do act fast if you want to share the good stuff with your friends!