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Apple Pencil Stickers for Secondary students' PLD

As secondary schools roll out the MOE initiative for their students to learn with their PLD (Personal Learning Device), we were approached by a school in Yishun to provide name stickers for their Secondary 1 students to paste on their Apple pencil that comes with the PLDs. Needless to say, we rose up to the challenge.

The turnaround time for us was less than a week because of the Lunar New Year holidays. We did individual name stickers for 274 Secondary 1 students, and boy, it was fun. :) The end result - each student gets 2 of these thin stickers that adhere firmly (but removable, so no itchy fingers please!) to the sleek Apple pencil. Our sticker material holds colours well and is waterproof and scratch proof, making them the perfect material to be used for the sleek pencil. 

Apple pencil name sticker for PLD

We can't wait to make more of these cute stickers for other schools! :D 

Keen to make one for your school? Email us at or chat with us at the bottom right of the screen!