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Family Photoshoot Singapore

Family Photoshoot Singapore

Label of Love Studio are proud to be part of the everlasting moments that happen in family photoshoots. Whether they are studio photoshoots or outdoor photoshoots, family portraits are always beautiful and we love that our outfits form part of these lovely memories.


Usually we recommend a consistent theme across the family tees, while maintaining that each tee still retains the unique charm of the wearer, so every piece is same same but different! 

Colour of Clothing

Some customers ask us whether we will recommend white or coloured clothing. Both are fine actually! It all depends on your theme! We have a customer who did a rainbow theme photoshoot, and they ended up with a different coloured tee for each family member. 

If the design is colourful, we usually recommend white tees so that the prints can be clearly seen.

Our Popular Designs


Our most popular series is no doubt our family clothes set for CNY. With different series such as custom portraits, zodiac animals, no wonder they are conversational pieces every CNY!

Family & Kids Photography Photoshoots

 Singapore Family studio photoshoot

Family studio photoshoot idea

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