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Best Christmas gift ideas for Babies

Best Christmas gift ideas for Babies

Christmas is coming, and your best friend has a new baby. As parents ourselves, we know what babies need and what parents want! Here's a list of our favourite Christmas gifts you can choose your baby gifts from!

1. Personalised rompers

christmas clothing

Parents love taking photos of their newborn, and a customised Christmas romper for Christmas is practical and thoughtful. This photo will remind them of their baby's first Christmas, and it will be on display for many years to come! 

2. Baby Gift Boxes

baby gift box

If you want more than a romper to gift, our personalised baby gift boxes are an excellent option! With pricing starting from $24, they are packed with baby essentials, such as rompers, prewalker shoes, baby beansprout pillows, diaper cakes and more! Beautifully packed with a personalised Christmas ribbon, you will definitely touch the hearts of the recipients with your thoughtfulness!

3. Baby Bibs

baby bibs

Once baby starts eating solid foods, baby bibs become a necessity! Our personalised baby bibs are soft, absorbant and beautiful and we love how they can be washed and worn as part of a pretty outfit. Again, this makes a great photo prop to record baby's milestones. 

 4. Beansprout Pillow

beansprout pillow

Our beansprout pillows come in so many designs, you will be spoilt for choices. Using the traditional method of sunning beansprout husks, we only use the best materials for our beansprout pillows. Beansprout pillows soothe babies with their hushing sound when they are moved, and they feel like a mother's touch to the baby. Definitely a must have for every newborn!

5. Swaddles

baby swaddles

Newborns love to be snugly swaddled, to imitate the feeling of being in their mothers' wombs. Our baby swaddles are custom printed on the softest muslin fabric, and will keep babies warm and comforted within.

6. Christmas Tree Ornaments

baby first christmas ornament

This is such a pretty Christmas gift to commemorate the birth of a new baby. You bet the new parents will keep and display it on the Christmas tree! Made with clear acrylic, this Christmas tree ornament is made to last.

With so many personalised Christmas gift ideas, what will you choose to give to the new baby?